3m Vetrap 10cm Green

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3M Vetrap 10cm Green is a self-adhesive bandage to use on moving parts of horses. It does not stick to the skin and deters dirt and water from entering the woundarea.

3M Vetrap 10cm Green has been a world-leading bandage throughout the years, serving horses in many renowned competitions. The reason for its success is as simple as it is ingenious. The bandage from 3M Vetrap is self-adhesive but does not stick to the skin or the fur of the animal. The bandage is unobtrusive, so it doesn't hinder any movement yet it offers a lot of support to the joints/tendons it is protecting. Moreover, it keeps the area clean and unscathed and will not slip an inch from its intended spot of application. Use 3M Vetrap 10cm if you want the best for your horse.

  • ✔ Provide support to the applied area
  • ✔ Doesn't slip
  • ✔ Self-adhesive but won't stick to the skin of the animal

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