Primeval Dog Gelatinate Puppy 350gr

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Young puppies over 8 weeks still grow rapidly and need adequate care to make sure no deficiencies cause medical conditions which hinder their growth. Primeval Gelatinate Puppy helps young puppies and keeps up with their skeletal growth. A patented collagen hydrosolate called Fortigel provides the essential nutrients for cartilage regeneration around the joint area and improve the workings of the synovial fluid in the joints. This makes them more supple and better equipped for strain during play and rapid growth in their first year. Primeval Gelatinate Puppy is a prime example of a food supplement that should be considered as a perfect addition to a well-rounded diet.


  • ✔ Strengthen joints
  • ✔ Regenerate cartilage
  • ✔ Strengthens bones and tendons
  • ✔ Preventive care


Collagen hydrolyzate, flavor, collagen type II.

Daily Dose Primeval Gelatinate Puppy


Puppy body weight (kg) Dosage per day
Number of scoops
5-15 0.5
15-30 1
30-40 2
from 40 3
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