Primeval Dog Stressless 135gr

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Primeval Stressless is a supplement dog food that reduces stress in dogs. It uses only natural ingredients and ensures it doesn't douse the animal, rather relaxes it using a mix of herbs and essential amino acids that calm the dog. Primeval Stressless can prevent a plethora of medical conditions that arise as a consequence of acute stress. During holidays it can be used to calm your dog during fireworks or before a veterinarian visit. The mixture is completely organic and is a non-addictive solution to a problem a lot of dogs around the world suffer from. Allow your dog and yourself to settle down and enjoy life without a worry, with Primeval Stressless


  • ✔ Reduce stress
  • ✔ Alleviate fear responses
  • ✔ Ability to concentrate better
  • ✔ Perfect for during holiday fireworks


Herbs, brewer's yeast, minerals, amino acids.

Analytical Components

crude protein 7%, crude fat 1%, crude fiber 0%, crude ash 6%, moisture 6%.

Daily Dose Primeval Stressless

Dog body weight: Daily dosage:
between 5-15 kg half a scoop
between 15-30 kg 1 measuring spoon
between 30-40 kg 2 measuring scoops
from 40 kg 3 scoops
You can easily mix it into the food (fresh, dinner or chunks). For dry chunks, mix with water or oil.

* For preventive use, for example when visiting a veterinary surgeon or traveling, preferably start 5 days before the start with a double dose.

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