Primeval Horse Gelatinate 2kg

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Horses are very active animals. Some performance horses do intense training for years, while others run freely on open plains. What they all have in common though, is a tendency to develop joint problems. Due to their posture, their joints are an extremely vital part of its mobility that is permanently tested throughout its life. That is why Primeval Gelatinate has been manufactured using the patented collagen hydrolysate Fortigel that keeps the joints supple. The collagen hydrolysate alongside the minerals and the collagen type II provide essential building blocks to protect and maintain the joints throughout their years. Primeval Gelatinate allows your horse to enjoy a mobile life right up to their final years.


  • ✔ Strengthen joints
  • ✔ Repair and regenerate cartilage
  • ✔ Fight bacteria that breakdown cartilage


Collagen hydrolyzate, minerals, aroma, collagen type II.

Analytical Components

crude protein 64%, crude fiber 0%, crude fat 0%, crude ash 10%, sodium 0%

Daily Dose Primeval Gelatinate

- Preventive for (sports) horses, older horses, breeding mares, pregnant mares (at least the last three months of gestation), foals growing, enters, twenters and stallions:

mix one measuring spoon of 22.5 grams twice a day with the food (chunks, carrots or slobber).
- For horses and ponies up to 450 kg:
one measuring spoon of 22.5 grams once a day.

To support injuries to tendons, ligaments or joints, doubling the indicated dosage is recommended, or consult your veterinarian.

Mix with water or oil.

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