Sanimed Worst Skin Sensitive Dog 15x400gr

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Sometimes your dog can not stop scratching at a certain spot; or he may be reluctant to go walk after a specific meal. It could be an sporadic incident, or a symptom of something larger. Maybe your dog is hypersensitive to certain ingredients or environmental changes. Sanimed Atopy Sensitive is a specialized dietic dog food to alleviate any allergic reaction your dog might have. Causes of these reactions are manifold. Food can be the cause of a skin condition. Therefor, Sanimed Atopy Sensitive uses hydrolysed protein, which are easily digestible. By using fish oils, inflammations and itching are reduced creating a healthier coat. Lastly, the ingredients have been handpicked to ensure no excess allergenic materials are present. Sanimed Atopy Sensitive Sausage, serve your dog the meal he deserves.


  • ✔ Reduce allergic reactions thanks to hydrolised proteins
  • ✔ Reduce food hypersensitivity, skin sensitivity
  • ✔ Support a healthy skin and coat


rice, hydrolysed fish, animal fat, fish oil (salmon oil), cellulose, hydrolysed chicken liver, minerals, borage oil

Analytical components

as dry matter (in 100g)

Sausage crude protein (%) 11 crude fat (%) 13,5 crude fibre (%) 2 crude ash (%) 2,5 moisture (%) 61 linoleic acid (%) 0,75 a-linolenic acid (%) 0,2 EPA (%) 0,25 DHA (%) 0,25 Arachidon acid (%) 0,02 γ-linolenic acid (%) 0,05 energy value MJ/100g 0,803 energy value kcal/100g 191 Additives per kg Nutritional additives vitamin A (IU) 9500 vitamin D3 (IU) 950 vitamine E (mg) 45 iron (iron II sulphate monohydrate) (mg) 62,6 manganese (manganese II oxide) (mg) 41,7 zinc (zinc oxide) (mg) 62,6 iodine (calcium iodine, anhydrous) (mg) 1,5 selenium (sodium selenite) (mg) 0,21 with preservatives

Daily dose Sanimed Weight Control

*Feeding Schedule Atopy/Sensitive Sausage
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