Trovet Canine Hht Hypoallergenic Treat Horse 250g

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If you are looking to treat your dog but he is on a strict hypoallergenic diet, look no further. Trovet Hypoallergenic Treat Horse is designed to fit the dietary needs of your dog. By using only one animal protein, allergic reactions are reduced significantly. This means both skin problems and or digestive issues will be non-existent when using this treat. Finally, the kibble's shape helps reduce plaque by gently scraping every crevice of your dog's teeth. Trovet Hypoallergenic Treat Horse a healthy and delicious snack for your dog on a diet. The treats can also be used for dogs without any medical conditions.


  • ✔ Easily digestible
  • ✔ Due to its structure, kibble removes plaque
  • ✔ No allergenic ingredients.


Horse (tendon).

Analytical components

as dry matter (in 100g)

Average analysis (per kg) Protein83.4 % Fat content2.8 % Inorganic matter0.9 % Fibre0.4 % Moisture12.5 % Carbohydrates0.01 % Calcium (Ca)0.04 % Phosphorous (P)0.07 % Sodium (Na)0.27 % Energy: 13.2MJ/kg - 3159 kcal/kg

Daily dose Trovet Hypoallergenic Treat Horse 

Feeding Schedule

Body weight (kg) 5 10 20 30 40 50 60
Max. snacks 1 1 2 3 4 4 5
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