Trovet Rid Renal Katze Venison 12x200g

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Trovet RID Renal is a complete dietary food for cats with renal problems and/or calcium oxalate crystals residing in the kidneys or the urinary tract. The mixture has a high energy density, so even if your cat is not eating as much, she will have the right amount of energy after a short meal. The protein in the mixture are of high quality, meaning they do not leave a lot of excess waste. This alleviates the workload of their kidneys and liver, to make eating a more pleasureable experience. Lastly, Calcium oxalate formations within the urinary tract are dissolved thanks to two components. Potassium citrate heightens their urine's pH-value and the citrate is able to bind to the calcium, reducing the potential of calcium-oxalate formation drastically. Trovet RID Renal, for a pleasureable meal, and a relaxing aftermath. Disclaimer: It can not be used for kittens or lactating cats.


  • ✔ High quality protein
  • ✔ High energy density
  • ✔ Improve renal efficiency
  • ✔ Dissolve calcium oxalate crystals
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