Twydil Protect Plus 1x60gr

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Normal feed for horses is designed to be applicable to all horses. This means that a lot of nutrients residing in the feed are balanced out to make sure no horse would have adverse effects towards the mixture. This however, can lead to a deficit of specific nutrients in individual horses that need a more personal approach. Twydil Protect Plus is designed to provide adequate supplementation whilst making sure no excesses will be created. Furthermore Twydil Protect Plus contributes to a healthy, fertile body that is hormonally- and oxidatively balanced. Free radicals are taken care of and antioxidants yield a resilient, strong skin. Thanks to the antioxidants work on a cellular level, muscles are better equipped to endure strain during competitions. This makes Twydil Protect Plus the ideal supplement before the start of a competition. A well thought out supplement for those horses that could use a little bit extra.


  • ✔ Supports fertility
  • ✔ Oxidative balance
  • ✔ Preparation food for competitions
  • ✔ Strengthen muscles


Balanced combination of antioxidants (vitamins C, E and beta-carotene and zinc), L-carnitine, glutathione precursors, palatinose, branched amino acids and other essential vitamins and minerals

Scientific development

Several studies have been conducted to test the merit of Twydil Protect Plus and have concluded a positive effect of the mixture on the measured parameters.
Scientific study Second studyThird study

Expectation and use

Twydil Protect Plus's effects are noticeable within 4 days of use. After 10 days, Twydil Protect Plus has had more than enough time to improve a normal horse's stability. For endurance horses, the optimal effect will be visible after 1 month of use. It is recommended to combine Twydil Protect Plus with Twydil Electrolytes to provide the best care for your horse.

Daily dose Twydil Protect Plus

Feeding instructions Mix 1 sachet per day (preferably in the evening) with the usual feed for minimum 10 days. Do not exceed recommended daily quantities.

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