Adaptil Spray 60ml

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  • ✔ Spreads pheromones that calms dogs down and reduces stress
  • ✔ Perfect to use during transportation or in places without acces to a socket
  • ✔ A calm dog is less harmful to itself and to others. The effect is instanteneous and completely natural

Adaptil Spray guides your dog into a more relaxed state. The spray is easy to use and fit to calm your dog in places they won't reside for long. For instance, if you go on vacation by car, you can spray the car to reduce your dog's anxiety so it can happily join the ride. Or during a longer transportation you can spray it into the travel basket before putting in your dog. Lastly, it can also be used during loud festivities, busy get togethers or veterinary visits. Adaptil Spray, effective, natural and easy to use.

Before you can proceed to purchase this product you should confirm the following : Your pet was examined by a vet who recommended the use of this product on the basis of his/her diagnosis You understand and agree that whilst your pet is fed this product , you seek veterinary adice regarding the usage of this product at least every 6 monts. You understand and agree that you seek immediate veterinary advice if your pet's condition deteriorates in any way whilst you use this product.

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