Feliway Classic Verdamper + Vulling 48ml

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  • ✔ Calms your cat down
  • ✔ Effective way to stop your cat from marking her territory with urine in the house
  • ✔ Perfect to use during veterinary visits or whilst travelling

Feliway Vaporizer covers an area up to 70m² and keeps your cat from marking their territory with urine which gives undesirable odours in your house. Moreover, it calms you cat down and gives the cat a sense of security. This will prevent any unwanted behaviours like hiding, scratching anything but the scratch poles and marking territory. Make sure to use the Feliway Vaporizer in an open area so its effects can be maximalized. Don't plug in the vaporizer in confined places as this will decrease its efficacity.

Feliway Classic is not recommended in the case of aggressiveness against cats or people, nor for non-stress related symptoms. Pheromones are safe for pets and for people if used as recommended. They are suitable for both young kittens and adult cats.

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