Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Small Dog 3,5kg

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  • ✔ Improves dental health
  • ✔ Hydrolysed protein for easier and better absorption
  • ✔ Strenghtens the skin barrier
  • ✔ Naturally designed to provide an uninhabitable environment for the formation of struvite stones

Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Small is formulated to help little dogs with oversensitive stomachs. Aside from the fact that the formula is completely hypoallergenic, using only hydrolysed proteins from safe sources to ensure an optimal digestion. But smaller dogs need very different care. It's known that small dog breeds tend to have a higher probability to develop dental issues. Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Small acknowledges these troubles and identified and added nutrients to maintain oral health. Finally, struvite stones are deterred thanks to the low RSS content in the food. This means the urine is undersaturated and washes away any residual minerals that might get stuck. Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Small, the right choice.

Before you can proceed to purchase this product you should confirm the following : Your pet was examined by a vet who recommended the use of this product on the basis of his/her diagnosis You understand and agree that whilst your pet is fed this product , you seek veterinary adice regarding the usage of this product at least every 6 monts. You understand and agree that you seek immediate veterinary advice if your pet's condition deteriorates in any way whilst you use this product.

| M. Tiebosch

Het eerste jaar op de gewone hyoo-allergenic van Royal Canin gestaan. Mijn hond heeft verteringsproblemen. Sinds ze deze kleinere brok heeft, amper nog problemen. Ze verteren echt beter, ook omdat de brokjes erg klein zijn, zo 'n 0,6cm×2nm

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