Royal Canin Sensitivity Control Dog Chk 12x420gr

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  • ✔ Low number of protein sources to ensure optimal digestion
  • ✔ Carefully selected carbohydrate sources
  • ✔ Perfect for locating the source of your dog's allergy if you wish to find it
  • ✔ Easily digestible contents with a monitored equilibrium to provide the best care

Royal Canin Sensitivity Control with chicken and rice is a specialized diet to maintain a healthy digestive system without sacrificing nutrition. By using high-quality, anallergenic sources of protein and carbohydrates, the dog is never susceptible to allergic reactions which could be detrimental to its metabolization. This, in combination of a well-researched balance of vitamins and minerals, all packed in a delicious wet formula that your dog will love. Royal Canin Sensitivity control, ease the gut, ease the mind.


Poultry by-products, rice, chicken meat, powdered cellulose, sunflower oil refined, minerals, fish oil, fructo-oligosaccharides, marigold extract (source of lutein). Selected source of protein: chicken (55%). Selected source of carbohydrate: rice (8%).

Analytical Components

Crude ash: 2.4%. Crude fibre: 1.5%. Crude oil fats: 0%. Moisture: 71%. Protein: 9.5%.

Before you can proceed to purchase this product you should confirm the following : Your pet was examined by a vet who recommended the use of this product on the basis of his/her diagnosis You understand and agree that whilst your pet is fed this product , you seek veterinary adice regarding the usage of this product at least every 6 monts. You understand and agree that you seek immediate veterinary advice if your pet's condition deteriorates in any way whilst you use this product.

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