Sanimed Anti Struvite Dog 12,5kg

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Sanimed Anti-Struvite will dissolve any crystal deposits in your dog's kidneys or urinary tract. When your dog has trouble digesting certain minerals possibly due to a kidney deficiency or a different intestinal flora which dissolves crystals slower. By eating Sanimed Anti-Struvite, your dog will have the tools to dissolve Struvite and calcium oxalate deposits easily and will prevent any further formation of bladder stones. Just like people, their intake of food dictates how smooth their bowel movement will go. And every dog needs a personal diet to accomodate their needs. If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms, Sanimed Anti-Struvite will help your dog to get rid of these hardships.


  • ✔ Dissolve struvite formation in the kidneys
  • ✔ Acidify urine to dissolve any crystals forming in the urinary tract
  • ✔ Low in phosphorus, magnesium and calcium to reduce crystal formation


barley, corn starch, animal fat (poultry, beef), rice, dehydrated poultry, extract of animal protein, vegetable fat, whole egg powder, fish oil (salmon oil), hydrolysed chicken liver, yeast, cellulose, minerals

Analytical components

as dry matter (in 100g)

Dry feed crude protein (%) 17.0 crude fat (%) 18.0 crude fibre(%) 2.50 crude ash (%) 4.50 moisture (%) 8.00 calcium (%) 0.40 potassium (%) 0.59 sodium (%) 0.12 magnesium (%) 0.06 linoleic acid (%) 2.50 a-linolenic acid (%) 0.23 arachidonic acid (%) 0.02 Additives vitamin A (IE/kg) 11250 vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 1125 vitamin E (dl-alfa-tocoferyl acetate (mg) 400 iron II sulphate monohydrate (mg) 57 manganese ll oxide (mg/kg) 21 copper ll sulphate pentahydrate (mg/kg) 10 zinc sulphate monohydrate (mg/kg) 100 iodine (calcium iodine, anhydrous) (mg/kg) 1 selenium (sodium selenite) (mg/kg) 0.20

Daily dose Sanimed Anti-Struvite

*Feeding Schedule

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