Sanimed Feline Intestinal With Insect Cat 1.5kg

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SANIMED Intestinal contains insect as sole source of animal protein. The packaging containing insects can be recognised by a special sticker on the packaging.


  • ✔ helps with poor digestion
  • ✔ helps cats with acute diarrhoea
  • ✔ helps absorb nutrients
  • ✔ supports resistance through added vitamins
  • ✔ low fat
  • ✔ compensates for electrolyte loss in case of thin stools


rice, potato protein, dehydrated insect (14%), potato starch, minerals, animal fat (poultry), fish oil 2%, hydrolysed chicken liver, dried beet pulp, linseed oil, yeast extract (source of bèta-glucans 0.08%)


Daily dose of Sanimed Intestinal

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