Sanimed Hypoallergenic Dog Duck Rice 15x400gr

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Sanimed Hypoallergenic DR sausage is a wet food variant of the Hypoallergenic DR series. The Sanimed Hypoallergenic DR sausage is a welcome alternative to the dry food, also available in this store. The sausage is made for dogs that suffer from allergic reactions when eating 'normal' dog food. They might react poorly to a certain protein or get an incredible itch due to a lowered defense of the dogs immune system, causing his skin to be vulnerable to environmental triggers.In a lot of normal dog food, various protein sources are used to diversify the intake of protein. However, some dogs are intolerant of certain intact animal protein, so it is better to stick to one and make sure the protein are high quality yet easily digestible. This way, your dog gets the same nutrition without digestion problems. Furthermore, by reducing allergic reactions to food and adding animal fats, the skin becomes stronger and less reactive to environmental triggers, resulting in a decrease of inflammation and itching. Sanimed Hypoallergenic DR sausage, a tasty alternative to switch up your dog's hypoallergenic meal. t


  • ✔ Nullify allergic reactions thanks to reducing the sources of animal protein
  • ✔ Easily digestible protein alleviate the workload of stomach and gastro-intestinal tract.
  • ✔ Dry and wet food of Hypoallergenic DR is completely interchangeable


duck, rice, lamb fat, minerals, cellulose

Analytical components

as dry matter (in 100g)

Sausage crude protein (%) 12.5 crude fat (%) 9 crude fibre (%) 1 crude ash (%) 5.5 moisture (%) 63 linoleic acid (%) 0.9 a-linolenic acid (%) 0.15 Additives per kg Nutritional additives vitamin A (IE) 7000 vitamin D3 (IE) 700 vitamin E (mg) 40 iron (iron II sulphate monohydrate) (mg) 46.3 manganese (manganese II oxide) (mg) 30.9 zinc (zinc oxide) (mg) 46.3 biotin (mg) 0.18 iodine (calcium iodine, anhydrous) (mg) 1.1 selenium (sodium selenite) 0.2 with preservatives

Daily dose Sanimed Hypoallergenic DR Sausage

*Feeding Schedule Sanimed Hypoallergenic Sausage
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