Sanimed Osteoarthritis Dog 12,5kg

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Sanimed Anti Osteoarthritis for dogs is tailored to the needs of dogs suffering from joint problems. Some breeds are prone to joint problems during rapid growth or due to aging. To alleviate these pains, Sanimed Anti OsteoArthritis is filled with beta-glucans and omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the inflammation of the joints and reduce cartilage degradation. These take care of the root cause of the problem, keeping the joints flexible and healthy. Furthermore, gelatine hydrosilate stimulates cartilage growth and maintenance so the effects of inflammations and unstoppable causes (for instance, aging) are slowed down to ensure your dog can still enjoy his final years scurrying about.


  • ✔ Strenghten bone and muscles
  • ✔ Pain relief
  • ✔ Strenghten joints and reduce inflammation in the area
  • ✔ Prevent cartilage degradation


corn, barley, dehydrated poultry, dried beet pulp, rice bran, linseed oil, fish oil (salmon oil), porcine gelatin hydrolysate, linseed, hydrolysed chicken liver, cellulose, minerals, animal fat,beta-1,3/1,6-glucans

Analytical components

as dry matter (in 100g)

Dry feed crude protein (%) 19.5 crude fat (%) 13.5 crude fibre (%) 4.1 crude ash (%) 4.7 moisture (%) 8 calcium (%) 0.6 phosphorus (%) 0.5 potassium (%) 0.8 sodium (%) 0.16 magnesium (%) 0.11 linoleic acid (%) 2.1 a-linolenic acid (%) 2.4 eicosapentaenoic acid (%) 0.36 docosahexaenoic acid (%) 0.36 arachidonic acid (%) 0.03 omega-3-fatty acids (%) 3.1 Additives vitamin A (IE/kg) 15000 vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 1500 vitamin E (dl-alfa-tocoferyl acetaat (mg) 500 iron II sulphate monohydrate (mg) 76 manganese (manganese ll oxide) (mg/kg) 28 copper (copper ll sulphate pentahydrate) (mg/kg) 13.5 zinc sulphate monohydrate (mg/kg) 135 Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) (mg/kg) 1.4 selenium (sodium selenite) (mg/kg) 0.3

Daily dose Sanimed Anti Osteoarthritis

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