Sanimed Preventive Feline Kitten 1,5kg

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Sanimed Preventive Kitten is complete catfood for kittens. It can also be used to feed the pregnant and/or lactating adult cats. It is composed of easily digestible ingredients to prevent digestive problems. It combats crystal formation inside the urinary tract and provides a healthy growth of the bones thanks to added calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Lastly, Omega-3 fatty-acids will make sure their coat stays healthy. Your cat will grow up strong and willful, thanks to Sanimed Preventive Kitten


  • ✔ Omega-3 fatty-acids support a healthy skin and coat
  • ✔ Prevent struvite and oxalate formation
  • ✔ Maintain ideal weight
  • ✔ Easily digestible
  • ✔ Also for lactating or pregnant cats
  • ✔ Support bone and muscle growth


rice, dehydrated poultry, animal fat (poultry, beef), corn, barley, corn gluten, extract of animal protein, dehydrated fish, dried beet pulp, hydrolysed chicken liver, fish oil (salmon oil), whole egg powder,linseed oil, yeast, minerals, cellulose, dehydrated haemoglobin

Analytical components

as dry matter (in 100g)

crude protein (%) 31 crude fat (%) 20 crude fibre (%) 2 crude ash (%) 5.5 moisture (%) 10 calcium (%) 0.85 phosphorus (%) 0.8 sodium (%) 0.34 linoleic acid (%) 3.43 alpha linolenic acid (%) 0.65 EPA (%) 0.06 DHA (%) 0.07 arachidonic acid (%) 0.03 Additives vitamin A (IE/kg) 16500 vitamin D3 (IE/kg) 1650 vitamin E (dl-alfa-tocoferyl acetaat (mg) 350 iron II sulphate monohydrate (mg) 100 manganese ll oxide (mg/kg) 40 copper (copper II sulphate pentahydrate) (mg) 5 zincsulphate monohydrate (mg/kg) 150 Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous) (mg/kg) 1.0 selenium (sodium selenite) (mg) 0.2 taurine (g/kg) 0.8 l-lysine (g/kg) 1.2 dl-methionine (g/kg) 2.2 with natural antioxidants and preservatives

Daily dose Sanimed Preventive Kitten

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