Sanimed Weight Reduction Dog 3kg

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Sanimed Weight Reduction is dry dog food made for overweight dogs. Obesity can already be a problem by itself. The sheer amount of weight obese dogs carry around is enough to keep them from moving at all. Moreover, it can lead to many consequent conditions such as joint problems, cardiovascular issues, skin diseases,... To prevent any of this, Sanimed Weight Reduction provides a balanced meal to let your pet lose weight but keep his strength. The mixture has a high protein content which keeps the muscles from degrading. Sanimed Weight Reduction has also added L-carnitine, which is an amino acid that breaks down fat and repurposes it as energy. These properties combined with the low energy density of the mixture allow your dog to lose weight without having to lose a chunk of his daily meal. Treat your dog with a healthy balanced alternative and your dog will be on his ideal weight before you know it!


  • ✔ Lose weight thanks to a low energy density
  • ✔ High protein content to strenghten muscles
  • ✔ Added L-Carnitine, an amino acid that breaks down fat


Dehydrated poultry, cellulose, dried beet pulp, structured vegetable fat, potato starch, potato protein, corn gluten, dried apple, barley, dried carob, peas, extracted soybeans, yeast, hydrolysed chicken liver, animal fat (poultry), dried alfalfa, linseed.

Analytical components

as dry matter (in 100g)

Dry food crude protein (%) 30 crude fat (%) 15 (digestible fat 5%) crude fiber (%) 20 crude ash (%) 6.0 moisture (%) 8.0 calcium (%) 0.9 phosphorus (%) 0.7 sodium (%) 0.3 energy value (MJ / 100g) 1.07 energy value (kcal / 100g) 257   Additives vitamin A (IU / kg) 12500 vitamin D3 (IU / kg) 1250 vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (mg) 300 iron II sulphate monohydrate (mg) 63 manganese II oxide (mg / kg) 23 copper ll sulfate pentahydrate (mg / kg) 11 zinc sulphate monohydrate (mg / kg) 110 calcium iodate, anhydrous (mg / kg) 1.1 sodium selenite (mg / kg) 0.2 l-carnitine (mg / kg) 250 with natural antioxidants

Daily dose Sanimed Weight Reduction

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