Trm Vita-e-plus 30 X 50 G

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TRM Vita-E-Plus is a supplementary feed for horses. It enhances performance and fertility by using the antioxidative powers of Vitamin B1, B2, C and E and Selenium combined with Lysine. These natural antioxidants are designed to fend off free radicals in the body which can cause serious damage to the body if left alone. For one, the antioxidants in TRM Vita-E-Plus prevent the free radicals from building up in muscle tissue after an intense performance. What follows is that the broodmare or stallion is less likely to be fatigued any time soon. This enhances performances and instigates the breeding season. Furthermore the feed is adequate to give to a gestating broodmare. The essential amino-acids combined with the aforementioned vitamins and minerals provide a solid bases for young foal to grow strong.


  • ✔ Grow strong and healthy foal thanks to Vitamin E and Lysine
  • ✔ Antioxidant vitamins instigate breeding behaviour
  • ✔ Strenghten the immune system


In this organized specifications sheet the technical analysis of the components is shown as well as the preferred doses and an article on TRM Vita-E-Plus's effects on horses.

Technical Specifications

Daily Dose TRM Vita-E-Plus

Horses in training: Feed 50g per day. Broodmares & stallions: Feed 50g per day. Weanlings & yearlings: Feed 50g every second day.
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