Trovet Upv Dog/cat Venison 6x400g

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Trovet UPV Venison is a mixture of ingredients to be added to a carbohydrate source. It can be used to trace allergenic ingredients in dogs and cats. By using Trovet UPV Venison, you know exactly which protein sources are being digested by your pet. Additionally, to prepare the meal, you must add a carbohydrate source to make the meal well-rounded. This way you are able to easily eliminate certain sources as being the origin of an allergic reaction and investigate the situation in depth. If you would like to use Trovet UPV Venison for longer periods of time (over 6 weeks) then it is recommended to add in the Trovet Balance mixture to ensure sufficient vitamins and minerals are present. If you are still unsure, contact your local veterinarian to assist you in making the right choice for your pet


  • ✔ Easy to diagnose possible allergen
  • ✔ Self cooking
  • ✔ Unique protein otherwise almost unavailable for private use


meat and animal derivatives (venison), oils and fats (sunflower oil, olive oil).

Analytical components

Average analysis (per kg)

Protein 9.0 % Fat content 5.0 % Inorganic matter 3.0 % Fibre 0.5 % Moisture 82.5 % Carbohydrates 0.0 % Calcium (Ca) 0.05 % Phosphorous (P) 0.12 % Sodium (Na) 0.04 % Potassium (K) 0.18 % Energy: 3.1 MJ/kg - 741 kcal/kg


Daily dose Trovet UPV Venison

Feeding Schedule

Per kg body weight per day < 3 kg > 3 kg
Unique Protein (Venison) 30 - 40g 20 - 30g
+ boiled rice 30 - 40g 20 - 30g
or boiled potato 40 - 50g 30 - 40g

The given amounts of food are calculated per kilogram body weight per day. Feeding advice for kittens: 25% – 75% of the adult body weight: 2 x feeding advice Unique Protein + 0.75 x feeding advice rice or potato. 75% – 100% of the adult body weight: 1.5 x feeding advice Unique Protein + 1 x feeding advice rice or potato.

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