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Twydil Growing is the fruit of the combined strength of horseowners and scientists trying to develop a supplement that aids the growing foal.Twydil Growing has 14 vitamins and 7 trace elements to enhance the muscle support. In this way your horse will be adequately prepared for any future endeavour pertaining sports and athleticism.


  • ✔ High quality ingredients
  • ✔ Improve hoof condition 
  • ✔ Avoid contagious digestion disorders


14 vitamins, 7 trace elements in a diversified form, synthetic amino acids and collagen fraction, magnesium, prebiotics, probiotics in optimal concentration. The combined application of TWYDIL® GROWING and TWYDIL® PMC is suggested.

Scientific development

The effects of using Twydil Growing have been documented and were published in the HPH scientific magazine of '06/07. Twydil Growing has been proven to succesfully distribute the ingredients through the body to ensure that every ingredient arrives at its preferred destination. It's effect are observable after a period as short as 3 weeks. After 6 weeks of use, the maximum effect will be reached. Studies have shown that the best results occur when Twydil Growing is used in combination with Twydil PMC.
Scientific excerpt

Daily Dose Twydil Growing

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