Twydil Vigorade 50gr

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Twydil Vigorade is the ideal preparation food for performance horses. It gives the horses the extra energy they need to go the extra mile. Furthermore the Twydil Vigorade mixture helps their body to detoxify their muscles, which reduces strain and fatigue in their muscles. These effect will greatly influence their performances. To prepare for a competition, Twydil Vigorade can be used in combination with Twydil Hippacan C to provide a well-founded supplementary meal for every performance horse to push their physique to their optimal state. Twydil Vigorade, a scientific answer to a physical hindrance.


  • ✔ Preparation food to use before competition
  • ✔ Reinvigorate the body
  • ✔ Muscle detoxification


10 vitamins, 7 trace elements, palatinose, Extracts of Ananas comosus and prebiotics

Scientific development

Scientific study Follow-up study


Twydil Vigorade will be effective after 7 days. This effect will be optimized after 10 days. It is recommended to combine Twydil Vigorade with Twydil Hippacan C for a solid supplementation before competitions.

Daily Dose Twydil Vigorade

Feeding instructions Mix 1 sachet of 50 g per day to the normal ration for minimum 10 days. Do not exceed recommended daily quantities.

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