Gamgee 12-30cm

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Veterinarian Gamgee is made with the highest quality cotton and gauze to ensure an easily applicable wound dressing that can safely harbour a wound towards a quick recovery. By perfecting the balance the dressing is very soft and absorbent to tend to the wounds as best as possible. It is firmly supported and held in place by the gauze whilst the absorbent patch will prevent dirt from entering the wound. This allows any abrasion, open wound or chafed area to be completely covered and ready to recover. By using warm water on the Veterinarian Gamgee, the highly absorbent patch applies heat to the wound, increasing circulation and hastening recovery and fight bacteria in temperatures they can not handle. Only the best for your companion, only Veterinarian Gamgee. 

This specific Gamgee is 12-30 cm. There is also a bigger one available, which is 18-45 cm. You can find it in the section Relevant Products


  • ✔ Highly absorbent
  • ✔ Well-supported by gauze
  • ✔ Protect from dirt
  • ✔ Can be used with warm water as well

How to use Veterinarian Gamgee

The Veterinarian Gamgee is designed to be easy to apply. Locate the wound, apply the cotton to the wound either dry, slightly moist or moist and strap the gauze around the wound to secure the pad. Be sure to replace the pad every day.

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