Trm Superlyte Syrup 10l

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TRM Superlyte Syrup replaces the electrolytes your horse loses after an intense physical effort. As the electrolytes leave the body, a horse can become faint and weak after physical exhaustion. It is vital to replenish the lost electrolytes as quickly as possible to prevent any further medical issues caused by a lowered immune response due to the physical exhaustion and the loss of nutrients to reinvigorate it. Failure to administer TRM Superlyte Syrup or a similar food supplement can cause dehydration, muscle cramping and exhaustion. To put the loss of electrolytes in perspective: Horses lose about 10 litres of sweat in a 2 mile race. TRM Superlyte Syrup won't let your horse miss its chance to perform.


  • ✔ Replenish electrolytes
  • ✔ Perfect after an intense effort
  • ✔ Easy to administer


These horses lose electrolytes in the ratio of 2 Sodium : 2 Chloride : 1 Potassium. This formulation rapidly replaces electrolytes in the same proportions


  per 80ml per Litre
Chloride 3,430mg 42,875mg
Sodium 3,440mg 43,000mg
Potassium 1,720mg 21,500mg
Calcium 539mg 6,738mg
Magnesium 270mg 3,375mg
Glucose 20,000mg 250,000mg

Daily Dose TRM Superlyte Syrup

Feeding Instructions Horses in training: Feed 80ml per day. Post race/competition: Feed 160ml post-race/competition.

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