Trovet Dpd Intestinal Dog 6x400g

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DPD can is no longer available.

As an alternative can be used:
- Hypoallergenic (Horse) | HPD
- Hypoallergenic (Insect) | IPD
- Hypoallergenic (Turkey) | TPD
- Hypoallergenic (Deer) | VPD
If the dog is not allergic to the protein sources chicken and pork, TROVET Weight & Diabetic | WRD wet food is also a suitable replacement for dogs with gastrointestinal problems. This wet food contains extra fiber, just like the Intestinal | DPD wet food, for better bowel movement.


Trovet Intestinal Wet is a great solution to a very annoying problem occuring in dogs all over the world. Some dogs have a very sensitive bowel system, causing them to react poorly or reject certain ingredients completely. This causes diarrhea, colitis, enteritis and more uncomfortable effects which could lead to your dog being malnourished. If left untreated, this could be devastating for your dogs health. Trovet Intestinal is a complete dietary wet food with easily digestible fibres at its base to reduce the workload of their intestines. Furthermore, only 1 source of protein and 1 source of carbohydrates is used to ensure a hypoallergenic mixture that can be used for all dogs. In this way, any effects caused by food allergies or intolerances are also eliminated. Give your dog peace of mind, with Trovet Intestinal Wet.

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