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Horses bred for sporting events or hard labour need a little extra to keep their joints from acting up. The amount of physical exercise they do damages the cartilage and can lead to joint inflammation and arthritic changes. This will cause pain, stiffen up his legs and allow for a diminished range of motion. Twydil Artridil has been produced to provide support for the cartilage and reduce inflammation. It is the recommended scientifically approved complementary feed for horses in recovery after surgery. The synovial fluid, which is present in all joints, is improved. The joint is protected thanks to the mixture of minerals and highly concentrated glucosamine hydrochloride. Twydil Artridil, for horses in training or in recovery, the best way to tackle articular problems and cartilage degradation.


  • ✔ Strengthen cartilage
  • ✔ Improve synovial fluid
  • ✔ Recovery food
  • ✔ Optimized for training purposes


Contains highly concentrated glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin, Palatinose, as well as copper, manganese, zinc and magnesium in chelated form.


Other studies have suggested a 6 week period is necessary for Omega-3 fatty-acids to be included in cell membranes of the horse. Recent studies with Twydil Omegadil have however reaped different results. Instead of 6 weeks, these studies showed the assimilation of omega-3 fatty-acids after a period of just 3 weeks. Half as long as preliminary studies suggested.

Scientific development

First study Second study Third study

Daily dose Twydil Artridil

1 - 2 sachets of 50 g per day sprinkled over the normal feed for at least 1 month. Do not exceed recommended daily quantities. Withdrawal period: 48 hours

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