Twydil Hematinic 1l

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Twydil Hematinic is a special supplement for horses that are weakened. It is possible that a horse has recently had a sever infection or disease that caused it to eat a lot less. Because of this, the horse weakens to the point that even eating becomes a chore. Twydil Hematinicprovides several ways to administer the supplement. You can add the liquid to it's daily feed or you can use mouth syringes. Twydil Hematinic is packed with essential vitamins (E, B1, B6, B12), biotin and several minerals including copper cobalt manganese and zinc for a well balanced supplement that will strengthen the horse in no time. Twydil Hematinic can be used for all horses and is meant to energize weakened horses and recover sick ones.


  • ✔ Revitalize weakened horses
  • ✔ Vitamin complex to restore strength
  • ✔ Full of essential minerals


Vitamins E, B1, B6, B12, folic acid and biotin, SOD, trace elements: iron, copper, cobalt, manganese and zinc Do not use concurrently with other products containing cobalt in horses likely to be controlled for doping.

Scientific development

Scientific study


Twydil Hematinic has an invigorating effect after only 4 hours thanks to the added Vitamin B groups. Finally, after 10 days, other substances will be resupplied and the general condition of the horse will be improved greatly.

Daily Dose Twydil Hematinic

Feeding instructions 60 ml per day mixed with the daily feed, during 10 days (measuring bottle cap inside pack). Do not exceed recommended daily quantities. Respect recommended number of days of distribution. Do not use other products containing cobalt.

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