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Twydil PMC is a food supplement for horses to provide a strong musculoskeletal system. Some foal can suffer from having an underdeveloped skeleton or are too weak to support themselves for long periods. Twydil PMC can be administered to the gestating mare to strengthen the foal and prevent osteo-articular risks. But its use goes beyond that of strengthening a foal in the womb. Support horses can use Twydil PMC to strenghten their locomotion system and prevent joint problems altogether. Twydil PMC is a mixture high in calcium of diverse sources and protein hydrolysate, strengthening both muscles and bones. For this reason it is also a perfect recovery supplement for horses that have been losing muscles and strength due to illness. Twydil PMC powerfood for all horses.


  • ✔ Prevent osteo-articular problems in foals
  • ✔ Strengthen muscoloskeletal system
  • ✔ Recovery food (best used in combination with Twydil Artridil)


Calcium (diversified sources), cooked linseed and apple pomace, protein hydrolysate (fish collagen 14%), trace elements, lactoprotein, glucosamine, MSM, magnesium, silicon.

Scientific development

Scientific study

Expectation and use

Twydil PMC's effects can be noticed after a month. However, in order to see changes in young horses it can take up to 6 months for it to become noticeable. If you would like to use Twydil PMC for recovery purposes - after surgery -, it is recommended to combine it with Twydil Artridil.

Daily dose Twydil PMC

Feeding instructions Sprinkle over the mixed feed:
Daily ration (measuring scoop of 20 g is included in the pail)
during the three last months of gestation 3 scoops (60 g)
Foals and Yearlings:
from weaning 1 scoop (20 g)
yearlings 2 scoops (40 g)
Adult horses: 2 scoops (40 g)

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