Twydil Liquid Membre/leg Paint 300ml

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Twydil Leg Paint is a liquid that can be applied on horses' legs to alleviate pains and swelling. It is used to cover sores on tendon areas. After applying Twydil Leg Paint, the iodine based liquid will increase blood circulation in the specific area where it is applied. This allows for a quicker, natural healing process of the problem. Twydil Leg Paint, a solid choice for a healthy horse.


  • ✔ Reduce swelling of legs
  • ✔ Increases blood circulation
  • ✔ Takes care of sore tendons


Iodine based liquid

Expectation and use

Apply Twydil Liquid Membre/Leg Paint for 12 days with a medium soft brush, following the direction of the hair. Keep the horse tied up with the painted area uncovered for about 30 minutes. Then cover with suitable cotton or bandage. This should alleviate any of the aforementioned issues.

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