Twydil Twyblid 50gr

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Twydil Twyblid is a supplementation that aids the respiratory system of your horse to function properly. Some horses have issues with their respiratory systems after straining efforts. To alleviate these problems the mixture can be added to the daily ration to reduce the strain on the respiratory system during exercises. Moreover, it can be used in the final strides before a big competition to strenghten their immune system and increase performance when the competition finally starts. Twydil Twyblid has been carefully scrutinized in research and the results show its invigorating effect.


  • ✔ Solves respiratory problems
  • ✔ Strengthen immune system
  • ✔ Great preparation supplement


Vitamin E, selected bioflavanoids, palatinose, other allowed micronutrients

Scientific development

Scientific study


Twydil Twyblid will be effective after 7 days. This effect will be optimized after 10 days. Horses with pulmonary metabolic stress can need up to 1 month to acquiesce. It is recommended to combine Twydil Twyblid with Twydil Omegadil and Twydil Mucoprotect for a solid supplementation before competitions.

Daily Dose Twydil Twyblid

Feeding instructions General use Mix 1 sachet of 50 g per day for minimum 10 days to the daily ration. Reinforced effect Mix 2 sachets of 50 g per day for minimum 3 weeks to the daily ration. Do not exceed recommended daily quantities

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